Insight Development & Consideration



This is mainly a post of me trying to understand the idea of these insights and what is a insight. Also the links between that and the other areas that need to be developed.

Benefits are the promise to the consumer.

Some insights, that will inform my concept. These are one of the following:

A  clearly stated compelling belief. [benefits]

A truth about your consumers life. [Target Audience]

A state of being thats true for your consumer. [Human truth about target audience]


Possible Insights: (these were gathered from other younglings)

I really like nerdy RPG games, and dungeons.

Weed in hotel room

“no fucking mints on the pillow unless its a chocolate”(Probably not a insight, more benefit?)

My music in the elevator. (Also more of a benefit?)

I love pillows (Could be a feature or into UX)

Waffels in the morning.

Cult classic movies.

Love games, classic games.

A good sense of humor. Memes (could be a benefit  UX)




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