Concept One, DEV.1

This one of my concepts that I am developing and unpacking in line with the brief. This is my attempt to add and understand that process.

The First concept comes from the keyword “quest”, and plays into the connotations of that particular word to build a strong concept. It internalizes the need for more than a business trip. But a real world adventure, that holds significance in our target markets lives.

I would use connotations connected to games and the like to bring my concept into relevancy.

The break, down and through:

Key game lingo:

High score
Friends list
Rare items
High score
1 UP
Cheat code
Combo breaker!
Story mode
Hardcore mode
Easy mode
Easter egg
Story progression
3 stars
Defcon 1
Cake Grief counseling
Critical strike.

Other interesting ideas to find more relevant game type lingo, I looked at the most popular games of the last year. And various other interesting lists of top games, and the most played online games.


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