In-Visible Visibility

Visibility: Social media, and all that pertains to it to make the client more visible. Snapchat, instagrooooooom. Mother flipping mother flippers, tinder. Who flipping knows.

Initial ideas and concepts for visibility.

Alrighty, looking at the most successful campaigns of 2016, I found so interesting things.

First up, Spectacles: Snapchats ‘google glass’ of eyewhere, done the right way.

Use of pop-up shops to create touch points. Giving that serendipitous feel of being in the right place at the right time to buy a pair.

Surprise mixtapes: First a twitter joke, then made into a actuall mix tape.

Like this one by Helper. A Food helping thing? not sure but the premise remains. Surprise mixtapes.

Also this Christmas ad, directed by Wes Anderson.

Other ideas for visibility, 360 video, virtual reality, augmented reality. Its all there. micro sites from a jump from other media feeds.


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