User Experience

No, that is just the troll that a student let into the dungeon, again.

Whats a Snargaluff plant? Ah well. Surely someone will know. Maybe it’s on page 394.

Looking on to the look feel and various experiences that the consumer will face.

Booking, using an app:
What does this mean? applications? Microsite from Instagram or Facebook posts? Other refined methods might be best.

Interaction based on the applications itself?

It would seem to me there are more questions than I have answers for. A list that keeps growing, and becoming an unobtainable goal.

I have been rummaging through the UI design and looking at the ideas behind how that might roll out.

I have at least ideas for icon design and the like.

So UX itself though. What ideas?

Adventure, excitement, never boring.

Use of data to give suggestions and achievements specific to the person visiting.
Achievements are completed allowing for a specific gift to be earned.

Suggestions, might be something like giving a idea to relax in the hotel room, playing playsation. “As prepare for your journey.”

Creating space in the hotel for interaction?

Maybe a feature of levelling up, from the app a prompt that completing activities gives a level up!


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