The part where thee user says “whats this then eh?”

Activation, would be the use of facebook banners and ads using the specific data collected from google and facebook, information then aims it at. T.A. this would be shared content and their interests, cross referenced with a rough age bracket. Also behaviour of location could also indicate the idea of frequent travel. Also lifestyle that may be applicable.

This then would redirect to a specific campaign page that allows for booking or creation of account for the app, and download for the ap.Also redirect to micro site of the hotel based on the specific interests to seduce targets more broadly, redesigned.

Ads would also be able to redirect to the visual campaign on Instagram which would have the set of images that had been posted well before the launch of campaign, which would make a more compelling argument for the campaign and hotel itself.

Use of twitter to post memes and challenges, or to give a particular attitude to interact with TA, use of analictics to find the latest trends and tags that fall in age bracket, use of the top interest analytics that can be found in the analytics side of twitter. To spike interests. Potential collaborating with streamers on twitch. Possible promos to conventions, hosted by known streamers to promote visibility and authenticity.



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