App Flow, and Details.

Obviously the app needs to flow intuitively, that is to say that it needs to create a sense of visibility and be in line with the campagine of “Add us to your Venture”.

One possible idea is that of being able to have it track when you get to the hotel, and make hints/suggestions  before you get to your room. OK OK, hold your horses. hows about we make damn sure we know what his app is ‘sposed’ to do.

Lets start at the beginning.

A tormented soul lost in the sea of social despair lingered. Another night, another post.
When suddenly, something appears there. Just there! Yes, its a image of sorts, a ad gallery thats typically found on face book.

What does this mean. Its… funny. Laughter! What! How?! Is there more? Click! There is! Delighted and enthralled, finally at the end card. “The Crowne Plaza”. Whats that? Click!

Whisked away to a micro site. This is it.

So one short story later, I envision the interaction and the eventual download of the app that sparked that initial curio.

So booking a place. Simple.

Create a account. Done.

The interactions:

Levels: Think of it this way. If you follow the main story line you should progress anyway.
In other words its not gonna be hard to level up. Going to the hotel cafe to get your complementary coffee, or drink.
Successfully navigating to your room!
You are the keeper of the keys. Its all right there in your hand.
Achievements for doing nothing. Almost a easter egg. Watching 2 hours of complementary netfilx. Easy.



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