App features .2

More features of the UX and app, that have more meaning now.Getting to your room.

“Right just catch the Pokemon to get to your room, or follow Gita, she may try to seduce you.” I just imagine Gita trying to lure guests to the bar, while they insist she show the way to their room.

Super rare poke balls, and Pokemon only available at the Crowne Plaza. Luxury Dusk balls. Ideas here, with specific traits, Higher success on sleep legendary?



The netflix easter eggs.
Its late your watching some series (stranger things) *ping!*. “Something strange is going on.” Suddenly you see Gita through your phone as you’re prompted to put your VR gear on, but she’s on a mission to catch some ghosties, while you guide her through the hallways of the hotel itself! Pac man style! Strange indeed.

And this one. haha!


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