Assignment 1. Parallels.

Drawing parallels between pre 2000 motion graphic designers and post 2000.

renowned for the hand draw simple title design sequences. One of many, titles he famously worked on.

Comparable to:
BEN IB and Executive Producer DAVID FROST of AllCity.

This has a similar feel, in that the way it goes through the credits screen by screen as does “A clockwork Orange.” Just one of many titles sequences drawing on the masters like Ferro, Albeit with more glitter.

2. RICHARD GREENBERG, Alien, Altered States.

Comparable to:
MICHELLE DOUGHERTY of Imaginary Forces. Stranger Things.

This is more interesting as it draws from the iconic Richard Greenberg. Its similar in the way it references smaller type appearing in and arround the main title as it appears and assembles, VERY similar to Greenbergs “Altered States” title sequence.


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