Concept Unpacking.

Under the Cover.

Exploring the design and process behind book cover design and hidden the narratives within them. Using the visual metaphors present in book covers for elements such as ‘idents’, ‘bumbers’ and play in/outs Under the Cover creates a unique perspective on design thats seamlessly does its job. The different styles and mediums will be made to come to life in conceptual narrative on Under the Cover, as much as the way the covers them selves would. In the motion graphics of the channel itself.
This presents the ‘cover’ in the metaphor of the unseen but meticulously crafted. Or just a good idea.

This obviously does not just encompass the covers alone but other illustration that stays in the relevant book building phenomena, Such as picture books and other illustrated elements for books.

This Creates a acute awareness of books and the many untold stories even before the cover is turned.


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