Case Study Video

This is the Case Study Video.



Further Development Of App

This is a Quick screen Shot of my activation campaign video, where pop-culture icons are thrown together to create unique scenarios.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 2.05.54 PM.png

Below is the last of the app design, to be done before the Case Study video.

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Concept Statement & Case Study Outline.

The statement.

Crowne plaza doesn’t cater for millennials and young business travelers.
Millennials need something that’s intuitive and forward thinking.
The Crowne Plaza does just this by creating an interactive environment via the Crowne Plaza app. The Add-venture app gives a fun intuitive experience that allows its users to level up in the real world creating their own unique adventure.


Millennials are everywhere, and their reliance on tech and technology are ever growing and changing. Pop culture is also a major factor when trying to understand millennials and how they see the world. Interaction needs to become seamless, and the way they enjoy spending their time becomes ingrained in tech. Games and pop culture have become iconic in the way they see the world and enjoy it.

Crowne Plaza wants to attract young business travelers and millennials. The goals of the project were to create an interactive experience that adds more to the way young business travelers live when their traveling and provide an adventure worth having.

Creating a connected environment, to allow customers to live and not just board,

Crowne plaza looks to bring that aspect of interaction back to their customer, by adding more to their venture. The hotel experience becomes simple but exciting. Booking your hotel becomes a decision of where you would rather spend a night, Castle Black, or maybe the shire.

This allows for the person to have more that a venture, but an adventure. Getting to your room does not require a key or even a key-card, instead only your imagination. You can risk it all and try to find your hobbit hole yourself by capturing your unique Pokemon assigned to each room, or you can get out resident autonomous GITA to take you there. Your door welcomes you, knowing you’re there so Hodor never has to be on call.

Young business travelers don’t consider the Crowne Plaza when they travel.
To attract millennials, a younger target market.
To create a unique experience.

Adding to their experience of the Crowne Plaza in ways that are new but familiar, creating a rewarding adventure. Bring in pop culture, to create a new relatable experience.

Unique Pokemon and pokeballs.
Leveling system to allow perks and unlockables.

You use the complimentary wifi and Netflix to watch the latest stranger things episode. Unlocking an easter egg, where GITA  becomes controllable and launches you into an Augmented reality version of Pacman.
Easter eggs.

What’s there:
Automated door access via the app, knows when you’re at the door.
Autonomous GITA.
Netflix access, and fast wifi everywhere ‘ovs.’
Living experience rather than boarding.
Room controls from your phone etc.

Pop culture reference animations.
Instagram images adding to traditional landmarks to spark interest.
One line on facebook & TWITTER, click through end card.



Final Logo, and drafts.

This is my final logo design, and allows for strong elements to be incorporated, into the design of the app and campaign, as well as being thoughtful enough to hold to the briefs standards. These still might change, inexplicably. For no reason, but to be better. (Sinister laughing in the distance)


Theses are some of the iterations of my final logo design.