Updates on IDENTS

Here are some of the hand illustrated pieces for part of the ident.




Rough Sketches.


Logo, the journey begins.

So here is the initial idea and the direction I might go. Still experimenting with the style, as for the concept it might shift and change in the actual channel to reflect the different types of books and design.

I made a illustrated gouache book to try and visualise  myself creating this logo. Also the gem done in a similar fashion. Edited briefly in photoshop.



Logo Scamps.

These are some initial early stage ideas for logo and icons, still in development.


Then I looked at illustrated type and medium that shows and initial feel, and idea for icons and objects.

Belo is another idea for a gem of smoking, representing the mythos of stories, and the hidden power within them.



Concept Unpacking.

Under the Cover.

Exploring the design and process behind book cover design and hidden the narratives within them. Using the visual metaphors present in book covers for elements such as ‘idents’, ‘bumbers’ and play in/outs Under the Cover creates a unique perspective on design thats seamlessly does its job. The different styles and mediums will be made to come to life in conceptual narrative on Under the Cover, as much as the way the covers them selves would. In the motion graphics of the channel itself.
This presents the ‘cover’ in the metaphor of the unseen but meticulously crafted. Or just a good idea.

This obviously does not just encompass the covers alone but other illustration that stays in the relevant book building phenomena, Such as picture books and other illustrated elements for books.

This Creates a acute awareness of books and the many untold stories even before the cover is turned.

Assignment 1. Parallels.

Drawing parallels between pre 2000 motion graphic designers and post 2000.

renowned for the hand draw simple title design sequences. One of many, titles he famously worked on.

Comparable to:
BEN IB and Executive Producer DAVID FROST of AllCity.

This has a similar feel, in that the way it goes through the credits screen by screen as does “A clockwork Orange.” Just one of many titles sequences drawing on the masters like Ferro, Albeit with more glitter.

2. RICHARD GREENBERG, Alien, Altered States.

Comparable to:
MICHELLE DOUGHERTY of Imaginary Forces. Stranger Things.

This is more interesting as it draws from the iconic Richard Greenberg. Its similar in the way it references smaller type appearing in and arround the main title as it appears and assembles, VERY similar to Greenbergs “Altered States” title sequence.

Concept, A THOUGHT

“Under the Cover”

Seeing a gap in content around book cover design and process, we attempt to go ‘Under the cover’ to explore the inner workings of beautiful book cover design and art and give it its own chapter.

“Under the cover” explores the techniques and methods surrounding that part of book cover design.


FILM is life.

Film based channel.
However, I am not sure of the restrictions of such.

I Understand we should be looking a a logo for Thursday, and designing the concept to be a whole within the brief.


-Classic Lo-fi Movies.

-Classic Animated movies, Typical animated top 100 list etc.

-Classic sci-fi.

-Famous directors. OBVIOUSLY.

-Short films?

Other fly tails, Event 2.G

Disclaimer. I have lacked in my life this moment and that, and made apologies meaningless and void. So I say, talk is cheaper than the action I have not yet reached. And I shall reach, from here. I shall. – my apology.

Event 2: Mographs, MOMOMOMO.

NOW the choice is mine, It must be.

From the brief there are two options that I see myself doing, that is the idea of FUCKING KILLING JARJAR BINKS. Sorry, anyway I mean:

-A Film based channel.

-A music based channel.

-Graphic Design based channel.